Dara Kaye

daraDara Kaye is the agency’s Developmental Editor. She loves learning about new corners of the world from expert authors; helping writers with something to say find the best way to say it; and scouting the media for new clients and great projects. In addition to her work at the agency, Dara works closely with several bestselling authors as a freelance editor, reader, and event coordinator.

Before joining Ross Yoon, Dara spent two years in South Korea on a Fulbright fellowship, where she taught English, researched the history of Shakespeare in Korea, and mastered the art of making baked goods in a rice cooker.

Dara holds a BA in English Language & Literature from Smith College and an MA in Renaissance literature from University College London. She and her impractically large array of Shakespeare editions and vintage fantasy novels live in Foggy Bottom.

Follow Dara on Twitter @darakaye.