howardHoward Yoon is a literary agent and principal of the Ross Yoon Agency. He started as Gail’s literary assistant in 1992 and since then has worked as an editorial director, ghostwriter, foreign rights manager, and book consultant and editor. In 2000 he founded AuthorsOnline, an online marketing and promotional site for established authors. In 2004, he co-wrote a book on the nonprofit sector, Begging for Change (HarperCollins), with DC Central Kitchen founder Robert Egger. The book won the Terry McAdams prize for best book on the nonprofit sector.

At the agency, he specializes in narrative nonfiction, memoir, current events, history, science, cookbooks, and popular culture. Howard looks for original voices and original experiences. His strength is in helping talented authors find their place in the book world. He brings together market trends and writing potential to create an appealing package for publishers. He loves working with first-time authors but also enjoys helping guide veterans with career decisions and new book ideas.

Howard is also a featured professor in the Masters of Journalism program at Georgetown University, where he teaches a narrative nonfiction writing class that has become one of the most popular classes in the entire program. He was a former contributor to’s food blog, “Kitchen Window,” and has written travel articles for various publications. He considers cooking and eating his favorite hobby, and hanging out with his son Ian is his favorite way to spend his free time.

Howard graduated from the University of Virginia with a joint degree in English Literature and Religious Studies. He lives in Adams Morgan.

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