“In this eloquent and affecting memoir, Norris, co-host of NPR’s All Things Considered, examines both her family’s racial roots and secrets… Though the quest is a personal one, Norris poignantly illuminates the struggle of black veterans returning home and receiving nothing but condemnation for their service. The issue of race in America is the subject of an ongoing conversation, and Norris never shies away from asking the same difficult questions of herself that she asks of others because ‘all of us should be willing to remain at the table even when things get uncomfortable.'” Publishers Weekly

“A balance-beam writer, Norris looks at both sides of every question while seeking truth’s razor-edge. But she is also a remarkably warm, witty, and spellbinding storyteller, enriching her illuminating family chronicle with profound understanding of the protective “grace of silence” and the powers unchained when, at last, all that has been unsaid is finally spoken.” Booklist, Starred Review