“Head of the Human Genome Project, Collins is one of the most famous and important scientists working today. And he is a former atheist. Collins came to faith slowly, after giving it much thought and, surprisingly, while practicing his scientific profession. In his view, scientific and spiritual worlds aren’t antithetical. Rather, belief in God can be completely rational and complementary to the general principles of science.” Booklist

“The Language of God is a powerful confession of belief from one of the world’s leading scientists. Refuting the tired stereotypes of hostility between science and religion, Francis Collins challenges his readers to find a unity of knowledge that encompasses both faith and reason.” Kenneth Miller, Brown University, author of Finding Darwin’s God

“What an elegantly written book. In it Francis Collins, the eminent scientist, tells why he is also a devout believer….A real godsend for those with questioning minds but who are also attracted to things spiritual.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu