National Geographic Traveler Best Fall Travel Books

“There are plenty of fine books written by people who go off on adventures and return to set their story to paper, but Tim Cope’s adventure, recalled in On the Trail of Genghis Khan, puts almost all of them to shame. His was a 6,000-mile journey on horseback from Mongolia to Hungary that lasted over three years. The book, like the adventure, is massive at over 500 pages, filled to the brim with near-death experiences, the kindness of strangers, and greenhorn comedy… But what’s most impressive is the immensity of Cope’s spirit and the insatiability of his wanderlust. We forget that we could do these types of things ourselves, technically, if only we didn’t have so many excuses. After all, Cope had no particular training or skills that suited him for his journey, besides his indomitable will. The anecdotes he relates are amazing, but it’s Cope himself that provides the most inspiration. It’s a shame that the word ‘epic’ has been so degraded by over-use, because it must be employed here.” The Daily Beast

“Weaving acute observations, honest introspection, and a sense of history, Cope crafts a marvelously perceptive travelogue of an audicous odyssey.” Booklist

“[A] sensitive account both personal and historical…[Cope] refuses his ambitious account with the stories of the people and tales of the animals who inspired the journey, rendering the book heartfelt and memorable. An exciting, detailed account of man versus adversity.” Kirkus