“I just finished reading a book … it’s fascinating. It’s called Our Divided Political Heart by E.J. Dionne, who I think is one of our most thoughtful public philosophers. And it’s the best book he’s written in 20 years, in my opinion, since he wrote a book called Why Americans Hate Politics. I highly recommend it.”  President Bill Clinton

“A fast-paced, historically rigorous explanation of how inaccurate readings of our nation’s formation and development reinforce our imbalanced, factually impoverished public debate. Dionne bolsters the intellectual, constitutional and moral foundations on which this stronger, more just America can be rebuilt.”   The Nation

“A well-mannered, thoughtful attempt to restore civic grace and productive political conversation.”  Boston Globe

“[A]n earnest effort to reach across the political divide….Dionne takes his readers on a richly researched tour of history to restore the broken consensus about who we are and what America stands for. His case is strong enough, serious enough and grounded enough to challenge those on the other side of the divide to offer a counterargument as rigorously argued as this one.”  Washington Post

“Engrossing.”  David Brooks, New York Times

“As he has so often, E.J. Dionne has written a brilliant new book, and it places our current division in political and cultural context.”  Paul Begala, Newsweek