“In 2008, DuBois was working as the religious outreach director for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. He prayed for the senator regularly but one day felt called upon to send him a piece of uplifting scripture. Nervously, he waited to see if he had overstepped. Instead, the soon-to-be-president asked for more. Five thousand or so messages later, DuBois received the president’s permission to select the best and compile them. The resulting book provides 365 daily lessons containing spiritual and moral guidance appropriate for both gifted world leaders and ordinary people.” Booklist

“It’s absolutely essential all leaders receive daily direction, spiritual guidance, and soul-nourishing input from God’s Word. Having served at the center of American government, Joshua understands better than many how draining leadership can be, and how we must refresh ourselves daily through time with God, thinking about eternal truths.” Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life