“Sons of Wichita feels as close to the truth as anyone is likely to get for a long time to come.” Financial Times

“[A] riveting biography…fair-minded and inquisitive. Schulman offers carefully observed details that help flesh out our image of the men whose money has so dramatically remade our politics, revealing much about their motives as well as the demons that haunt them.” The Washington Post

“[C]ompulsively readable… a bias-free book that illuminates two of the most influential figures on the American landscape while telling a remarkable, if cautionary, tale about money, power, and the bonds of brotherhood.” Booklist

“A straightforward, evenhanded and often riveting assessment.” Kirkus

“[I]f you care about politics and the ultimately far more powerful cultural direction of these United States…[this book] is mandatory reading.” Nick Gillespie, The Daily Beast