alchemistMr. Irwin seems to have talked with everyone, read the right scholarly papers and interviewed important dissenters in the Fed, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and the Bundesbank… He is astute in describing the internal and external politics of institutions traditionally expected to remain above politics of the usual sort.” New York Times

“An excellent account…scrupulously reported and full of clear explanations of events and economic concepts…. Irwin’s volume will have lasting value for a wide range of audiences, including students and elected officials, but it will make its greatest contribution as a corrective to the many unfounded or simply crazy ideas about monetary policymakers’ intentions and impact.” Adam S. Posen, Foreign Affairs

“A detailed and fast-moving account of these perilous years. This is the crisis as told through emails, phone calls, meetings and one very fateful walk along the beach in Deauville, France.” Wall Street Journal