“A corrective to Africa’s image as a dark, hopeless place…A hopeful narrative about a continent on the rise.”  The New York Times

“[Olopade] seamlessly traverses the continent, threading a narrative that shows how African innovation is playing a vital role in its own development…This book is filled with numerous examples that ought to make you rethink your perceptions of Africa.”  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Together, these maps form a new mental and strategic landscape, one based on possibilities, not merely perils, and we should be grateful to Olopade for her reimagined cartography.”  The Plain Dealer

“The author gives a multitude of examples and a huge mass of fascinating detail. Her case is persuasive…for anyone who wants to understand how the African economy really works, The Bright Continent is a good place to start.”  Reuters

“In her debut book, Nigerian-American journalist Olopade finds qualified cause for optimism about Africa’s future…A refreshingly hopeful argument, well-grounded in data and observation—of considerable interest to students of geopolitics, demographics and economic trends.”  Kirkus

“Nigerian-American journalist Olopade’s first book rebuts the view of Africa as mired in poverty, war, and failed aid projects, and instead offers a hopeful perspective.” Publishers Weekly