“One hopes that The Long Road Home will further spotlight the sacrifices made by U.S. troops and their families. But this book should not be read out of a sense of obligation to these men and women, and it won’t succeed merely because of Raddatz’s prominence. No, this is a book that will last, and it will do so for the same reason that any great work endures — because, through the strength and grace of its prose, it pulls us into a world that is simultaneously foreign and familiar and makes us care about the individuals who inhabit this place long after we have closed the covers. And because, one by one, we will pass the book along to others with the only words of praise that really matter: “Here, you’ve got to read this.” Washington Post

“This is an important and profoundly moving story, one that hasn’t been told enough, about the war in Iraq from the vantage of people who are fighting it.”  Seattle Times

“The gripping account eschews politics and focuses squarely on the soldiers and their sacrifices.” Publishers Weekly

“To read her succinct, trenchant prose is to experience what we may not want to experience–but need to.”  Booklist