“Extraordinary.” Sunday Times

“Masterful … entertaining and insightful.” Economist

“If you read only one book about China this year, it should be this one. And if you do not read this book, you probably do not understand China today.” Arthur Kroeber, China Economic Quarterly

“A compelling exploration of the world’s largest and most successful political machine.” New Statesman

“A book that is as informative as it is entertaining … China has been transformed. The system that takes the credit is brilliantly described by McGregor .” Chris Patten, Financial Times

“Few outsiders have any realistic sense of the innards, motives, rivalries, and fears of the Chinese Communist leadership. But we all know much more than before, thanks to Richard McGregor’s illuminating and richly-textured look at the people in charge of China’s political machinery … invaluable for anyone trying to make sense of China’s future plans and choices.”  James Fallows, National Correspondent for The Atlantic

“A lively and penetrating account of a party that … has clung to secrecy as an inviolable principle.” Andrew Higgins, Washington Post