Tender Soldier


“As Neil Sheehan’s Bright Shining Lie did with Vietnam, Ms. Gezari’s deft if less sweeping narrative dissects the hopes, hubris and shortcomings of America’s efforts to nation-build in Afghanistan while fighting a war there… It is a testament to the book’s strengths that it left me wanting more… Ms. Gezari’s book powerfully humanizes the ways the counterinsurgency effort played out in Afghanistan.” The New York Times

“With a journalist’s discerning eye for nuance, Gezari brings readers into [a] controversial gray area, framed within the larger, just as murky, context that has come to define the distant wars in Iraq and Afghanistan… Gezari’s writing stands apart from other depictions of our post-9/11 wars… Her book exemplifies the persistence of a war-wise reporter who filed from frontline locations, seeking out sources in sketchy areas, often unescorted by U.S. military personnel… The book’s main subject and its author both devoted themselves—like real anthropologists—to listening, recording, and understanding the stories of the ‘other.’ Iraqis and Afghans have more in common with us than we might think.” The Daily Beast

“A sharp-eyed look at the complexities of war.” Parade

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