Our Team



Gail Ross

Gail Ross, President of the Ross Yoon Agency, says that each of her new projects must meet two criteria: it must make her daughters proud and offset their college educations. She sincerely believes the first phrase you’ll see on this website: Books Change Lives. Read more →

Howard Yoon

Howard Yoon is a literary agent and principal of the Ross Yoon Agency. He started as Gail’s literary assistant in 1992 and since then has worked as an editorial director, ghostwriter, foreign rights manager, and book consultant and editor. Read more →


Anna Sproul-Latimer

Literary Agent
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Dara Kaye

Foreign Rights Manager and Agent
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Jay Venables

Foreign Rights Associate and Literary Assistant
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Jennifer Manguera

Literary Manager
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Jennifer Weis

Senior Literary Agent
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Sarah French

Literary Assistant
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