Gail Ross

Gail Ross, President of the Ross Yoon Agency, says that each of her new projects must meet two criteria: it must make her daughters proud and offset their college educations. She sincerely believes the first phrase you’ll see on this website: Books Change Lives.

Gail represents a variety of important commercial nonfiction. She and her team work closely with first-time authors and have earned a reputation in the industry for providing rigorous, enthusiastic editorial guidance at all stages of the publishing process. Through the agency’s blog and regular happy hours, she also encourages her writers to view themselves as members of a literary community, helping each other toward success.

Gail is also a media lawyer with Trister, Ross, Schadler & Gold, PLLC, where she advises individuals, companies, and non-profits on copyrights, publishing, new media, and licensing. She lives in the U Street Corridor.

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